Unlucky Snatcher, Escapes, Chased By Victims To Death By Crash On A Container
The motorcycle jambre was badly damaged after hitting a truck. (photo: doc. between)

JAKARTA- The fate of this robber is really bad. His attempt to escape after stealing a cell phone ends tragically. The perpetrator of the mugging died when the motorbike he was driving hit a container truck on Jalan Pluit Raya, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Friday night, July 1.

The Head of the Metro Penjaringan Sector Police (Polsek), Police Commissioner Ratna Qurratul Aeny in North Jakarta, Saturday, said a suspected robber was trying to escape from the pursuit of a car driver who claimed to have lost his cell phone on Friday night.

"The pickup car was chasing. Then, because the motorbike was being chased, it hit the container in front of it because it was in front of a red light," he said.

The police received information about the incident from eyewitnesses at the scene (TKP) that the motorcyclist was not hit by the driver of the pickup. "It wasn't that the driver of the pickup hit him," he said

The driver of the pickup, said the Sector Police Chief, was indeed after the suspect who snatched his cell phone. The perpetrators of two people riding a motorbike were speeding, then hit a trailer truck in front of it which was stopped at a red light.

After that, the pickup driver stopped and got out of his car. The driver admitted to residents who witnessed the incident that his cellphone had been taken by the motorcyclist who fell as a result of hitting the container truck.

"'This is a thief, he took my cellphone," said the pickup driver, whose identity was not yet known," Ratna said, as quoted by Antara.

One motorcyclist died on the spot when his motorbike fell after hitting a container truck. Meanwhile, the other victim who was riding the motorcycle with the initials A suffered serious injuries.

The two-wheeled vehicle used was also heavily damaged when it hit a container truck in front of it.

Initially, eyewitnesses thought it was a hit-and-run incident, so residents immediately approached the pickup driver to arrest him. But the will was stopped because the driver admitted that the two people on the motorbike had stolen his cellphone.

Then the driver looked for his cellphone and found him not far from the location where the motorcycle rider fell. After finding his cellphone, the pickup driver immediately left the location with his vehicle.

Police are still looking for the driver of the pickup for questioning. The Penjaringan Metro Police are also looking for CCTV footage at the scene.

Meanwhile, an eye witness at the location, Eko Toni, told reporters in North Jakarta that the beginning of the incident was a chase by two vehicles from Gedong Panjang towards Emporium Pluit Mall.

The chase involved a pickup and a Honda Genio motorcycle with license plate B 5510 BEN. Arriving in front of the Grand Heaven Pluit Funeral Home, the motorcyclist hit a container truck that had stopped at a traffic light intersection.

‚ÄčEko said the motorbike was traveling fast on the road so that when it hit the container truck it made a loud sound. The two victims of the collision were then taken by police officers to the Atma Jaya Hospital for further treatment.

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