Specialist Group Of Rumsong Thieves In Action, Cengkareng Residents Lost IDR 400 Million In Assets
The thief broke the lock on the fence of an empty house. (photo: special)

JAKARTA - A special group of vacant house thieves (rumsong) took action in the Cengkareng area, West Jakarta. Valuable items estimated at Rp. 400 million disappeared instantly.

The Head of the Cengkareng Police, Kompol Ardhie Demastyo, said the theft took place in a resident's house on Friday, July 1. From the CCTV footage, there were two perpetrators. They entered the empty house by breaking the gate lock.

"They were fast, they broke the lock of the victim's house and kept going in until they came out again," said Ardhie to reporters, Saturday, July 2.

Based on a temporary investigation, the perpetrators stole various valuables, such as cellphones and gold. Thus, the victim's loss is estimated at Rp. 400 million.

Currently, the police have conducted a crime scene (TKP) to look for other clues. In fact, CCTV footage installed around the scene will be analyzed.

The goal is to identify the perpetrators of the theft. So, action can be taken immediately. "We are still investigating this case, hopefully the culprit is caught," said Ardhie.

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