The Shooter From The Junkyard Owner In Sidoarjo Admits That He Was Promised A Reward Of Rp. 100 Million

JAKARTA - JO, the suspect in the shooting of SB, who is a second-hand goods seller in Sidoarjo, East Java, admitted that he was promised a reward of Rp. 100 million if he succeeded in carrying out his duties.

"The perpetrator received an order from a person with the initials E in exchange for Rp. 100 million," said Sidoarjo Police Chief Kombes Kusumo Wahyu Bintoro, quoted by Antara, Friday, July 1.

He said that JO shot SB, a secondhand goods seller, after receiving an order from one of the people with the initials E.

"The perpetrator was desperate to shoot, causing the owner of the used goods to die," he said.

A person with the initials E promised a reward of Rp. 100 million, but before the money was received, the officers had arrested the perpetrator along with evidence in the form of a weapon used to shoot.

"Jackets and helmets that were once used to disguise have also been confiscated after previously being thrown away by the perpetrators to eliminate traces," he said.

According to JO's confession, the firearm used belongs to E, and the weapon will be sent and examined in the laboratory to be compared with the cartridges and bullets found.

"We will send it to a forensic laboratory to investigate the weapon, whether it is assembled or manufactured," said Kusumo.

He said, there are several articles that ensnare the perpetrators because the crime was premeditated with the victim dying.

"Article 355 paragraph 2 imprisonment for a maximum of 15 years, and Article 351 imprisonment for a maximum of 7 years. And Article 340 of the Criminal Code concerning premeditated murder with a life sentence," he said.

Previously, SB, a shooting victim, suffered two gunshot wounds to the arm and neck earlier this week, was under intensive care at the Sidoarjo Hospital, and finally died on the evening of June 29.

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