Changes In Street Names Make Residents Complicated, DKI Deputy Governor Defends Anies: Don't Worry About It
Banners rejecting Anies Baswedan's decision to change street names at several points in DKI Jakarta/ Photo: IST

JAKARTA - Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria responded to a number of protests from residents whose residence documents were affected by the change of dozens of street names to names of Betawi figures.

Riza understands that changing street names makes residents need to re-administer changes to documents such as ID cards, KK, STNK, and other documents. However, he asked residents not to worry too much about it.

"Everyone understands that all of this is still in the process of improving the identity itself, whether it is ID card, KK, STNK, etc. So, there is no need to worry too much about it," said Riza at DKI Jakarta City Hall, Friday, July 1.

Riza revealed that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and the Metro Jaya Regional Police fully serve the replacement of population documents and vehicle documents without any fees.

Moreover, according to him, currently there are no significant problems caused by changing the name of the road. Given, the process of changing documents has not become an urgent thing to do.

"So, I don't think the public need to worry. It doesn't mean that if it hasn't been changed, then the identity will be problematic. No, yes. So, all parties related to the identity of residents whose names have changed, will not be a problem for those who still include their old addresses," he explained.

As is known, protests for the change of street names by the Governor of DKI Jakarta continue to emerge. Previously, residents of Jalan Budaya which turned into Jalan Entong Gendut in the Kramat Jati area, East Jakarta, expressed their complaints.

This time, residents of RW 06 Tanah Tinggi Sub-district, Johar Baru District, admitted that they did not accept and refused to change the name of the road in their area to Jalan A. Hamid Arief.

In changing the name of Jalan Tanah Tinggi V to Jalan Hamid Arief, residents claimed that they had never been involved. Residents said, there was no deliberation or notification of the change of street name from the local kelurahan.

"We were never involved in deliberation at all. The residents, even the head of the RT did not receive any notification. We also residents strongly objected to the change in the name of the road," said Irzon, a resident of RT 10/06, Tanah Tinggi Village, Johar New, rejected, Thursday, June 30.

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