Former Village Head In Lebak Banten Abuses Wife's Nephew When The House Is Quiet
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LEBAK - The Criminal Investigation Unit (Reskrim) of the Cilograng Police of the Lebak Police has succeeded in uncovering a criminal case of sexual harassment or fornication against minors.

The immoral act was reported on Monday, June 27, by AB (51) at his residence in the Cilograng sub-district, Lebak regency.

Receiving the report, the Cilograng Police Investigation Unit moved to arrest the perpetrator at his residence on Tuesday, June 28.

The Head of the Lebak Police, AKBP Wiwin Setiawan, through the Head of the Cilograng Police, AKP Asep Dikdik, said that the suspect, a former village head, had committed obscene crimes against minors.

"It's true, the suspect AB who was detained by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Cilograng Police turned out to be a former village head, AB committing a crime of sexual harassment or molestation against a minor at the perpetrator's house," Asep said via text message, Thursday, June 30.

After further investigation, Asep explained that the victim and the perpetrator had a family relationship.

"It is known that the victim (13 years old) still has a family relationship with the suspect AB who is the nephew of the perpetrator's wife. The victim is used to spending the night at the perpetrator's house, the goal is to accompany the perpetrator's wife. However, at that time the house of suspect AB was empty because the perpetrator's wife and children were not at home. So it's just the perpetrator and the victim." said Asep.

From the results of the investigator's examination, the perpetrator persuaded the victim with the mode of wanting to treat the victim so that he could find a mate. Then AB asked the victim to take off her clothes, but the victim refused. Because they were forced, the victim could not fight back.

“The victim was asked not to tell anyone about his depraved act while giving 50 thousand. After the incident, the victim immediately contacted her own aunt, WR (30). Then the victim was picked up and taken to his aunt's house. At that time the victim told his biological mother," he said.

Asep added that his party had secured witnesses and evidence for further investigation.

"There are a number of pieces of evidence against the suspect because of his actions. Namely, the victim's clothes, 50 thousand notes, the results of the post-mortem, and witness statements that strengthen the evidence." explained Asep.

For this act, AB was charged with Article 82 Juncto Article 76E of Law Number 17 of 2016 concerning the stipulation of government regulations in lieu of Law No. 1 of 2016 concerning Amendments to Law No. 35 of 2014 concerning Amendments to Law no. 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection with the threat of a minimum sentence of 5 years in prison and a maximum of 15 imprisonment.

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