President Donates 1 Ton Sacrificial Cattle In Sigi
Cows donated by President Jokowi/Photo: Antara
PALU - The Central Sulawesi Provincial Government said President Joko Widodo donated one cow weighing 1 ton as a sacrificial animal to be slaughtered on Eid al-Adha 1443 Hijri 2022 in Pombewe Village, Sigi Regency.
"The President's sacrificial animals were purchased from cattle breeders in Nunu Village, Palu City and are currently still in the administrative stage of completion," said Rusli, a functional official at the Plantation and Livestock Service Office of Central Sulawesi, who was contacted in Palu, Thursday, June 30.
He explained that this year's sacrificial festival, the President's sacrificial animals were given to the residents of Pombewe Village based on the direction of the Central Government, in which the slaughtering process would be carried out by the local sacrificial committee, including the distribution of sacrificial meat.
The Central Sulawesi Provincial Government, he said, was only limited to facilitating the smooth completion of administrative processes, animal health checks and distribution of qurban to slaughterhouses. as was done in the previous year.
"Last year's Eid al-Adha, the President's sacrifice was slaughtered in Parigi Moutong Regency. The cow weighs around 964 kilograms. This year, Pak Jokowi's cow is heavier than the previous year," Rusli said as quoted by Antara.

He further explained that the sacrificial animals were ordered by Kelapa Negara from local breeders of the Ongole Crossbreed (PO) breed and it was confirmed that the animals were in good health.
As required for the sacrifice, that the animal to be slaughtered must be in good physical condition, not disabled or blind, and the body weight of the animal is fat or not thin.
"The animal health team from Maros, South Sulawesi, including from Bali and we from the representative of the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government have carried out an examination, and the results are that the livestock are healthy. During the health examination, no indications of mouth and nail disease (PMK) were found," said Rusli.
He added that the weight of the livestock scales is in accordance with the requirements for weighing 800-1,000 kilograms of sacrificial animals.
"Currently livestock owners continue to provide quality feed to maintain the weight of the scales, including maintaining the physical condition of the cows in order to stay fit," said Rusli.

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