Viral Passenger Falls Under The Manggarai Station Platform, KAI Makes Sure His Condition Is Safe
Illustration of passengers waiting on the platform of Manggarai Station, Jakarta. (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - A video showing an electric train (KRL) passenger falling under the platform while trying to get into the train at Manggarai Station, Jakarta, South, has gone viral on social media.

In the video, other passengers who saw the condition screamed and panicked. Because, at that time, the KRL was crossing the platform.

This was confirmed by the Manager of External Relations & Corporate Image Care of KAI Commuter Leza Arlan.

Leza ensured that the passenger was safe after being given help by officers.

"Swiftly, the station security officers who were on duty on platform 6-7 helped after the KRL crossed and immediately took them to the station's health post to be given first aid," said Leza in a written statement, Sunday, June 26.

Leza explained that the incident occurred on Friday, June 24, at around 17.38 WIB. At that time, the condition of the station was quite crowded.

Users want to enter KRL 5551 on the Cikarang-Kampung Bandan connection on platform 6-7 of Manggarai Station.

The passengers who fell were about to continue their journey.

After receiving medical assistance, the passenger was confirmed safe.

"After being treated at the health post and making sure his condition is good, the user continues his journey using the KRL," said Leza.

From this incident, Leza asked to always prioritize passengers who will leave the KRL, and not to force entry if the conditions inside the KRL are already crowded.

To maintain mutual safety, Leza said that the announcer at the station always reminded passengers to always pay attention to the safe waiting distance, namely standing without crossing the yellow dividing line.

"KAI Commuter also continues to remind users who want to get on the KRL to always pay attention to the gap between the platform and the train. For mutual safety, always follow the directions from the officers at the station," he said.

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