Director Of Copyright Discusses Permenkumham Royalty Of Songs And Music
Director of Copyright and Design Anggoro Dasananto in Makassar (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Director of Copyright and Design Anggoro Dasananto was present in Makassar City, South Sulawesi, discussing the Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation (Permenkumham) Number 9 of 2022 concerning the Implementation of Government Regulation Number 56 of 2021 concerning Management of Royalties for Song and/or Music Copyrights.

Based on his statement in Makassar, Sunday, the latest regulation, which was published last April, was discussed with actors and users of South Sulawesi music and song arts regarding the management of royalty rights in the field of music or songs through the Collective Management Institute.

"Last April, Permenkumham Number 9 of 2022 was issued to replace the previous Permenkumham to adapt to the needs of legal developments in society," he said, quoted from Antara.

It is stated in it, Royalty Management is the withdrawal, collection, and distribution of Copyright Royalties for songs and/or music. Meanwhile, royalties are royalties or rewards for the use of economic rights of a Work or Related Rights product received by the Author, Copyright Holder, and/or Related Rights owner.

Anggoro said the government through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) did not stop trying to improve the economy of songwriters, musicians, and other related rights, to get proper rights.

Withdrawal of royalties is carried out by the National Collective Management Institute (LMKN) on song and/or music users in the form of commercial public services

LMKN in this regulation is explained, is a non-APBN government aid agency established by the Minister based on the Copyright Law which has the authority to withdraw, collect, and distribute Royalties as well as manage the interests of the economic rights of Creators and Related Rights owners in the fields of songs and/or or music.

"The current LMKN is a combination of 11 LMKs registered in Indonesia, the government does not interfere with who occupies it, the government provides democratic principles regarding the composition of the LMK management," Anggoro explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sulawesi Liberti Sitinjak as the representative of the Minister of Law and Human Rights in the South Sulawesi region revealed that PP No. 56 of 2021 concerning Management of Song and/or Music Copyright Royalties is issued to provide legal protection and certainty to creators, copyright holders, and related rights owners to economic rights to songs and/or music as well as anyone who makes commercial use of songs and/or music. /or music

Arrangements regarding the obligation to pay royalties for music and/or songs are not new. The obligation for users, in this case business actors who use music/songs in their business, has been explicitly stated in Law no. 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright

Liberti Sitinjak continued explaining, PP 56/2021 has regulated what types of commercial public services are required to pay royalties for the use of songs and/or music in business activities, such as restaurants, cafes, cinemas, hotels, radio, shops/supermarkets, TV, karaoke and more.

"Meanwhile for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), PP 56/2021 has stipulated that for these MSMEs, royalty rate relief will be applied so that it will be adjusted to the capabilities of MSME actors," said the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sulawesi.

Nur Ichwan as the Head of the Legal and Human Rights Services Division added that 10 members of the National Collective Management Institute (LMKN) commissioner for the 2022-2025 period were appointed by the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej last June 20.

The commissioners in question include five commissioners of the Creator LMKN: Andre Hehanusa, Dharma Oratmangun, Waskito, Makki Omar, and Tito Sumarsono. Then the five commissioners of the related rights LMKN, namely, Bernard Nainggolan, Ikke Nurjanah, Johnny Maukar, Yessy Kurniawan, and Marcell Siahaan.

There are also eight members of the LMKN and LMK Supervisory Teams, namely, Candra Darusman, Eteng Tanamal, Yurod Saleh, Anggoro Dasananto, T. Wenas, Rhoma Irama, Rudy Hidayat, and Karjono.

In this discussion, there were speakers from the Chairman of LMKN Dharma Oratmangun, Chairman of LMK SELMI, Jusak Setiono and legal practitioner Hasbir Paserangi. Also present were the Head of Legal Services, Mohammad Yani and his staff.

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