5 Workers Arrested During A Demonstration In Front Of The Parliament Building Have Been Released By The Police
Labor demonstration in front of the Indonesian Parliament Building, Wednesday, 15 June 2022/Photo: SPC

JAKARTA - Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Grand Commissioner Pol Komarudin confirmed that his party had released five workers who had been arrested during a riot in front of the DPR - MPR RI Building, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

"Earlier we secured it and we gave a strong warning for trying to break through the barrier," said Grand Commissioner Komarudin, Wednesday, June 15.

The police chief said that the mass of workers were detained because they were deemed to have violated the rules of the demonstration.

"We warn you loudly, we have taken the data, we have secured it. To pollute the intentions of the other workers who are orderly," he said.

Grand Commissioner Komarudin appealed to the public to respect all kinds of professions on duty. Whether it's the officers or the crowd on the street, because the smooth flow of aspirations is the main thing in a demonstration.

"Of course, we are guarding this, we are implementing the concept of security," he said.

The police chief said that the police were in charge of overseeing the demonstration.

"In order not to be polluted by actions that make chaos by anyone," he said.

Previously, it was reported that rejecting the barbed wire fence in front of the gates of the DPR-MPR RI Building, a number of workers were involved in a fistfight with the police officers who were guarding the area on Wednesday, June 15, afternoon.

The riot occurred when the mass of action arrived in front of the DPR building, at around 10.40 western Indonesia time.

When they were just about to demonstrate, the protesters objected because there was razor wire installed in front of the DPR building.

Using a commando car, they forced to dismantle the razor wire. Then, a number of protesters and the police were involved in a fistfight in front of razor wire.

There were several police personnel who even fell and were hit by razor wire.


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