Pretending To Be A Buyer, Officers Arrest 2 Sellers Of Tiger Skin Complete With Bones In Aceh
Evidence of tiger skin and body parts that were secured in an operation for the circulation of wild plants and animals in Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh/ANTARA/HO
ACEH - Center for Security and Enforcement of Environmental and Forestry Laws for the Sumatra Region, Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with the Aceh Police team arrested two suspected tiger skin sellers in Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh.
The Center for Security and Enforcement of Environmental and Forestry Laws for the Sumatra Region of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Subhan, said that apart from arresting the two alleged sellers, the joint team also secured evidence of a tiger skin and body parts of the protected animal.
"The two people and the evidence were secured at the Pondok Baru gas station, District, Bandar, Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh, last Tuesday at around 04.30 WIB," said Subhan in Banda Aceh, Antara, Thursday, May 26.
The two suspected tiger skin sellers had the initials S (44) and A (41). Meanwhile, another person with the initials I suspected of being the main perpetrator managed to escape
The disclosure of the tiger skin trade began with the operation of circulating wild plants and animals, the Rapid Response Forestry Police Unit (Sporc) of the Leopard Brigade, Section I Region I, Center for Environmental and Forestry Security and Law Enforcement for the Sumatra Region and the Aceh Police.
During the operation, the joint team received information that someone offered a piece of tiger skin along with its bones. From this information, the team disguised themselves as the buyer and agreed on the price, location, and time of the transaction.
Then, at the agreed time and place, three people came to bring and show the tiger skin and bones which were to be sold. The team immediately caught them, but one of them managed to escape.
"Furthermore, the two people who were secured were taken to the Aceh Gakkum Post in Banda Aceh. Meanwhile, those who fled are still being chased," said Subhan.
Subhan said that based on the results of the case against S and A at the Aceh Police, it was still necessary to examine additional witnesses to improve their legal status.
"Furthermore, the two people who were arrested were returned to their families. However, they were obliged to report to investigators at the Aceh Gakkum Post Office," said Subhan.
Meanwhile, the alleged crime was committed as stipulated in Article 21 Paragraph (2) letter d Jo. Article 40 paragraph (2) of Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning the conservation of living natural resources and their ecosystems. The maximum penalty is five years in prison and a maximum fine of IDR 100 million.
"We are continuing to explore this case to identify the suspect and reveal who the intellectual actors are. Disclosure of the sale of tiger skins is to provide a deterrent effect for the perpetrators and protect wildlife protected by law in Aceh Province," said Subhan.

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