It's Fun To Drink Oplosan Alcohol At 'Headquarters,' 9 Members Of A Motorcycle Gang In Cirebon Do Not Move When Police Raid
Cirebon Police officers during a raid on a motorcycle gang nest in Cirebon/Via ANTARA
CIREBON - The Cirebon City Police (Polresta), West Java, raided a motorcycle gang's nest that was troubling the community in Karangwangun Village. A total of 9 people were arrested in the raid.
Cirebon Police Chief Kombes Arif Budiman said the raids were carried out on Wednesday, May 25 at night until Thursday morning. On that occasion, the police confiscated a number of pieces of evidence.
"The nest of the motorcycle gang that was raided is in Karangwangun Village, Babakan District, Cirebon Regency. At that time, officers caught a number of members of the motorcycle gang having a party with adulterated liquor," he explained in Cirebon, Antara, Thursday, May 26.
In fact, officers also found a number of bottles containing mixed alcohol and pharmaceutical preparations without a distribution permit. So they were immediately secured to the Cirebon Police Headquarters to undergo further examination.
Arif said that currently, his party is carrying out the Libas Lodaya 2022 operation, to reduce the crime rate, as well as security and social order in the jurisdiction of the Cirebon Police.
"The main target of the operation is motorcycle gangs who often disturb the conduciveness and disturb the community. So this operation is carried out to maintain the security and security situation in Cirebon Regency," he said.
In addition to securing nine members of a motorcycle gang, officers also searched a house suspected of being a motorcycle gang's nest. As a result, they found a gear that was allegedly used as a weapon during the clashes.
Arif added that the nine people who were detained would also be processed according to the applicable regulations. Later, Cirebon Police investigators will investigate the violations of the law committed by the nine people.
"We will make sure that we will not hesitate to take firm and harsh action against motorcycle gangs who interfere with security and social order in Cirebon Regency. This is part of the commitment of the Cirebon Police to eradicate motorcycle gangs," he said.

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