Ijab Kabul Smoothly, Anwar Usman Has Officially Become Idayati's Husband, President Joko Widodo's Younger Brother
President Jokowi when marrying his sister to Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court Anwar Usman in Solo (Via ANTARA)
SOLO - Chairman of the Constitutional Court (MK) Anwar Usman has officially become the husband of Idayati, President Joko Widodo's younger brother, after undergoing the marriage contract at the Graha Saba Solo Building, Thursday, May 26.
Through the procession of the marriage contract starting at 09.00 WIB, President Jokowi, who is the guardian of the lineage from the bride's side, immediately married one of her younger sisters.
Furthermore, Anwar said the consent form smoothly without repetition. As a dowry, Anwar gave a set of prayer tools and a watch.
Previously, Idayati entered the location of the marriage ceremony flanked by her two sisters, Iit Sriyantini and Titik Ritawati. The bride looks beautiful wearing a simple kebaya with a golden beige design.
While the groom looks in line with beskap sikepan. President Joko Widodo appeared wearing a black beskap equipped with a Solo blank.
Acting as a witness, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Ma'ruf Amin as a witness from the bride and the TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa as a witness from the groom's side. Meanwhile, the head of the KUA Banjarsari Surakarta, Arba'in Basyar.
Through a wedding message, the Grand Imam of the Istiqlal Mosque, Nasaruddin Umar, hopes that the new couple will always be blessed with happiness.
"Marriage brings together different things, the ideals of marriage to create happiness. Marriage will forgive each other, true love will forgive each other everything. The ideal marriage understands each other," he said.
Meanwhile, a number of figures were seen attending the ceremony, one of which was Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto. The first lady, Iriana Joko Widodo, was also seen wearing a green brocade kebaya.
On that occasion, Iriana was accompanied by one of her sons, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, who is also the Mayor of Surakarta and his wife, Selvi Ananda, who wore a red kebaya.

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