Unmitigated! Kebangpol Palangka Raya Proposes An Increase In Political Party Funds Of Rp. 20 Thousand Per Valid Vote
Head of Domestic Politics (Poldagri) National Unity and Political Agency of Palangka Raya City Januardi/ANTARA
PALANGKA RAYA - The National and Political Unity Agency (Kebangpol) of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, proposed an increase in aid funds for political parties (parpol).
"We have submitted the proposal to the provincial government. The proposal is from Rp. 7,749.89 per valid vote to Rp. 20,000 per valid vote of a political party," said Head of Domestic Politics (Poldagri) of the Palangka Raya City Kesbangpol Januardi in Palangka Raya, quoted from Antara. , Thursday, May 26.
The proposed increase is for political parties participating in the 2019 Palangka Raya City DPRD General Elections. According to him, the proposed increase in aid funds for political parties can be approved but can also be evaluated.
Currently, a number of political parties participating in the 2019 General Election at the Palangka Raya City level have submitted applications, some of which have even disbursed aid funds.
If the proposed increase in aid funds is approved, said Januardi, the difference in payments will be distributed or followed up later.
Januardi hopes that political party administrators will use the aid funds properly and in accordance with existing regulations, one of which is for political education.
"If people become more politically literate, in the upcoming elections the participation rate will be high. The implementation of the democratic party will also be of higher quality," he said.
Meanwhile, Kesbangpol has budgeted aid funds for 10 political parties with a total of more than Rp. 950.5 million.
He said the aid funds were for the Gerindra Party of Rp. 82.8 million, PDI-P of Rp. 194.7 million, PAN of Rp. 77.4 million, Hanura of Rp. 76.5 million, and Democrats of Rp. 106.9 million.
Other political parties, NasDem Rp92.7 million with 11,973 votes, Perindo Rp46.1 million with 5,957 votes, PSI Rp50.6 million with 6,540 votes, PKB worth Rp65.8 million with 8,492 votes, and the Golkar Party Rp165.5 million with votes 20,197 valid votes.

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