Driver Ojol And His Wife Who Were Killed By A Pajero At MT Haryono Just Returned From Their Parents' House
RSCM funeral home (Photo: Rizky S/VOI)
JAKARTA - A fatal accident on Jalan MT Haryono, South Jakarta on Thursday, May 26, took the lives of RP, a 26-year-old man and his wife NK alias C. RP works as an online motorcycle taxi.
According to Zaka, a relative of the victim, the deceased RP has just returned from his parents' house. "Last night he was staying at his parents' house, today his intention was to go back to Depok, he lives in Depok," said Zaka to VOI at the RSCM funeral home, Central Jakarta, Thursday, May 26, early morning.
Zaka received sad news from another friend that RP had died as a result of being hit by a Pajero car.
"I got news from a friend, he said that my friend (the victim of RP) had no (died) accident, so he was a victim of a collision with a Pajero car (the crasher)," he said in a sad tone.
Zaka and the victim RP have been best friends since childhood living in Cipinang Pulo, East Jakarta.
"He lives in Depok but his real address is Cipinang Pulo. They are from his parents' house in Cipinang Pulo and want (to return) to Depok. In Depok he lives with his wife and child," he said.
As far as Zaka knows, his little friend has been married for several years and has a daughter who is still 2 years old.
"The deceased and deceased named Raka Prayoga (26) and his wife's nickname Caca. They have been married for a long time, 4 to 5 years. Their daughter is 2 years old," he explained.
As is known, the two victims who died in the fatal accident were a married couple. The husband rides a motorbike, while his wife is ridden with a child who is still a toddler.
As a result of the accident, the husband and wife died. While the toddler only suffered injuries. "His son was also a victim of an accident, but survived and suffered 6 stitches on his head," he said.
Previously, it was reported that the fatal accident occurred on Jalan MT Haryono, South Jakarta, Wednesday, May 25. Two people were reported killed and 3 people injured after being hit by a Pajero car. One of the victims was a small child.
According to information, the driver of the Pajero car experienced convulsions so that he could not control the car that was traveling at high speed. Until the car swayed, finally the Pajero car hit 5 motorbikes on the side of the road.

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