After Turkey, BURT DPR Kunker To The United Arab Emirates, Formappi Urges Puan Maharani To Act: Must Show Statesmanship, Stop It!
Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani (DPR RI)
JAKARTA - Researcher of the Indonesian Parliamentary Concerned Community Forum (Formappi) Lucius Karus asked the Speaker of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, to take a stand regarding the working visit of the DPR BURT to the United Arab Emirates.
Puan can follow the policy of the two previous DPR RI leaders, such as Ade Komarudin and Setya Novanto, who stopped the agenda of the DPR's Committee on Apparatuses (AKD) because it was heavily criticized by the public.
"Because the previous two DPR leaders had issued a policy of stopping work work. You can also do the same thing now, stop it. She must not only want to satisfy DPR members so that there are no opponents, silence policies that are not important," explained Lucius when contacted by VOI, Wednesday, May 25.
In their work, continued Lucius, the work of the DPR or AKD was completely useless. In fact, the purpose of the work visit, such as listening and studying related facilities, protocols, and budgets to the parliament and government as well as the Indonesian Embassy in the destination country can be obtained easily. Either through library research, the internet or using experts.
"Puan must show herself as a statesman by prioritizing the interests of the nation to ensure that the state budget does not leak in the DPR. This is a challenge for the Chair of the DPR with such great power. The previous two leaders had issued a policy of stopping work visits due to public protests. You can also do the same thing, " added Lucius.
As for the purpose of working together, the DPR's AKD can use other mechanisms such as meetings, or empowering expert staff with library research and surfing in cyberspace. Manual methods such as kunker are outdated.
One thing that Lucius highlighted was the openness of the results of the research to the public. After completing the work visit, the members of the council then publish it to the public through the official website of the DPR.
"It's getting worse because they are doing it secretly. It was never submitted as an official agenda which was uploaded to the DPR's website. This means that they hide their activities to the public even though they go as representatives of the people," said Lucius.

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