South Kalimantan Tapin Regency Government Never Issued Karaoke Permit, Lady Companion Was Arrested By Satpol PP
Photo via Antara

JAKARTA - The Tapin Regency Government, South Kalimantan has not issued a permit for a night entertainment venue (THM) to operate in its area. So, all night entertainment operating, no one has a license.

The Head of Investment and One Stop Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) of Tapin Regency, Reza Ramadie, said that all night entertainment venues (THM) in his area did not have a permit.

"There is no permit from the regional government for karaoke businesses or THM," said Reza, Wednesday, May 25, quoted from Antara.

So law enforcers have the right to take action against nightclubs that are increasingly mushrooming in districts that maintain a religious image.

The Head of the PP Tapin Mahyudin said that there were 19 karaoke units spread across North Tapin, Bungur and Candi Laras Utara sub-districts.

"We, the police and the TNI have confiscated alcoholic beverages at the karaoke or THM several times, as well as securing women (karaoke guides)," he said.

Based on Tapin Regional Regulation No. 09 of 2021 concerning public order, public peace and community protection, the Head of Pol PP promised to take firm action.

The serious threat to the nightclub which is dominated by karaoke businesses is the forced closure.

Meanwhile, in April a cafe as well as karaoke in Candi Laras Utara District was forcibly closed by the joint security forces because it was open during Ramadan.

The liquor and young women at the THM location were secured and examined by the Tapin Police.

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