466 Thousand Lobster Seeds Captured By The Indonesian Navy Released In Riau Islands Waters
Commander of Koarmada I (Pangkoarmada I) Rear Admiral TNI Arsyad Abdullah/Photo: Antara

BATAM - As much as 466 thousand lobster seeds worth Rp. 46.7 billion caught by the Indonesian Navy (AL) were released in the waters of Abang Island, Batam City, Riau Islands (Kepri).

The Commander of Koarmada I (Pangkoarmada I) Rear Admiral Arsyad Abdullah in Batam, Riau Islands, Wednesday, May 25, stated that the release of the lobster seeds involved the Batam Marine and Fisheries Resources Supervision Office (PSDKP) and the Batam Class I Quarantine Center.

"There are already lobster seeds that have been released into the waters of Abang Island on Tuesday (24/5) so that they can grow and can be enjoyed by the people of Riau Islands later," he said, quoted by Antara.

He explained that his party deliberately immediately released the lobster seeds that had been secured in large quantities because it was feared that they would die if they were left for a long time.

"If you let it sit for a long time, it might only last 12 hours. Therefore, it must be released immediately," he said.

Furthermore, he said, for this case his party will continue to investigate, especially regarding the 5 perpetrators who have not been found yet because they managed to escape during the pursuit.

"These perpetrators have identities and we will find out who the perpetrators are until we find them. We will investigate where the source came from, and why it was brought abroad. Those are the efforts that we will make," said Arsyad Abdullah.

Previously, the Indonesian Navy secured 466 thousand lobster seeds stored in 95 boxes of synthetic cork in the waters of Kelapa Gading Island, Riau Archipelago which would be smuggled abroad.

“What we have secured are of two types, namely pearl lobster seeds and sand lobster seeds. The lobster seeds to be smuggled in are estimated to cost Rp 46.7 billion. The lobster seeds are planned to be smuggled abroad," said Pangkoarmada I.

He said the lobster seeds were planned to be smuggled to Singapore and sent to Vietnam.

“The goal is to go abroad, because here there are no buyers. In Singapore, there are only intermediaries, Vietnam is the recipient, where there is a captivity," he said.

The failure to smuggle lobster seeds, he said, was carried out by the Batam Naval Base (Lanal) and Lanal Tanjungbalai Karimun, who had previously received information that there would be a speed boat carrying lobster seeds, said Arsyad Abdullah.

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