South Solok Regency Government Finds Four Cattle Infected With PMK
Officers examine Foot and Mouth Disease in farm animals in Aro/Photo: Antara

PADANG ARO - A sample sent by the Agriculture Service of South Solok, West Sumatra, to the Bukittinggi Veterinary Center stated that four cows in the area were positive for mouth and hoof disease, said a local government official. South Solok Agriculture Service Irwan Supriadi via WhatsApp message received in Padang Aro, Wednesday, May 25. He explained that he had treated both cows suffering from PMK or other cows that were in cages. "We have also sprayed the cage with disinfectant," he said. Previously, the local Agriculture Service officer found symptoms of FMD in four tails, such as excessive salivation and wounds in the mouth and nails. The four cows are in Sungai Lambai, Sangir and Sangir Balai Janggo sub-districts, each with two heads. The officers previously gave medicine and vitamins to healthy cows and separated the cows with symptoms of FMD. His party had advised the farmer groups whose cows had symptoms of PMK not to receive guests and forbid cattle from outside to enter. ," he said.

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