2 Angry Police Persecutors Are Recklessly Reminded In Mataram Arrested

MATARAM - The Mataram Police Team, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), arrested two men with the initials SR and RO for allegedly molesting members of the Samapta Polda NTB Bripda Akhmad Nawawi.

The Head of Mataram Police, Kombes Heri Wahyudi, confirmed the arrest of the two residents suspected of molesting the NTB Regional Police.

"Yes, we arrested the two perpetrators based on the victim's report. From the examination, it was found that they were under the influence of alcohol, drunk," said Heri, quoted by Antara, Wednesday, May 25.

The crime of persecution occurred on Tuesday (24/5) night on Jalan Energi, Ampenan District, Mataram City.

"The mistreatment of members began with the actions of the two perpetrators who were seen recklessly riding a motorcycle on the road," he said.

The victim, who was riding with his colleague, Bripda Lalu Ahmad Domi Riski, took the initiative to warn the two perpetrators not to be reckless.

"Feeling disapproved, the perpetrator grabbed the victim's vehicle and immediately started the persecution," he added.

As a result of the abuse, the victim's nose, Bripda Akhmad Nawawi, was bleeding and had bruises on the head.

"At that time, the victim Akhmad Nawawi admitted that his head had been hit against the wall," said Heri.

From this incident, residents came over and managed to intervene. However, one of the perpetrators with the initials RO fled using a vehicle, while SR, who was suspected of molesting the victim, was secured by residents and a member of the TNI.

"Initially, (SR) was taken to the Ampenan Sector Police, but because the report came to us (Mataram Police), the handling was continued by the Criminal Investigation Team," he said.

From this case, the two perpetrators have been detained at the Mataram Police. Both are threatened with a prison sentence of two years and eight months in prison, in accordance with the criminal provisions of Article 351 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code concerning Persecution.

"So, from this case, we will continue to process the two perpetrators according to existing legal procedures," said Heri.

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