Selling Illegal Drugs Without Circulation Permit, 24-Year-Old Man Arrested By Narcotics Unit Of Serang City Police
Evidence confiscated by Banten Police officers/Photo: Doc. Police

SERANG CITY - The Serang City Police Narcotics Unit arrested a young man with the initials SA (24) in a case of circulating pharmaceutical preparations without a distribution permit.

The young man from Ranjeng Village, Serang Regency was arrested on Wednesday, May 18, at around 22:10 western Indonesia time, in his home with hundreds of hard drugs as evidence.

The Head of Drugs at the Serang City Police, Commissioner Adjutant Agus Ahmad Kurnia, said that the disclosure of the case stems from information from the public that said SA often sells illegal drugs. Based on this information, investigators then went to the field to monitor the movements of the perpetrators.

Then, continued Agus, at the right time, officers immediately moved to raid the suspect's house. So that the perpetrator was immediately arrested without resistance.

"The suspect was secured at his home in the Ranjeng Village area, Serang Regency, without a fight while he was transacting," Agus said in his official statement on Monday, May 23.

According to him, at that time, the Saresnarkoba officers from the Serang City Police also immediately searched the house to the suspect's room. As a result, hundreds of pills were secured. Not only that, but the police also managed to secure the suspect's cellphone which was used as a means of transaction.

"From the suspect's hands, we secured 164 Tramadol pills, 905 Hexymer pills, and 1 Android cellphone belonging to the perpetrator used for transactions," he explained.

The suspect and his evidence were then brought to the Serang City Police investigators for further examination. In front of investigators, the suspect admitted that the goods belonged to him which he sold to his friends.

"After our interrogation, the suspect got the goods by buying from someone, and we will continue to investigate," he said.

To account for his actions, the suspect is now behind bars at the Serang City Police. He was charged with Article 196 in conjunction with Article 197 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 36 of 2009 concerning Health.

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