Semarang Flood, Police Evacuate Factory Employees And Pregnant Women
Evacuation process for tidal flood victims in Semarang/Photo: Doc. Central Java Police

SEMARANG - Tidal floods inundated three cities in Central Java, including Semarang City, Pekalongan City, and Demak Regency, Monday, May 23.

In Pekalongan, seawater overflowed in a number of areas in Tirto and East Pekalongan sub-districts. Meanwhile in Demak, precisely in Sayung sub-district, water overflows onto the streets, disrupting vehicular traffic in the area.

The worst condition occurred in the city of Semarang, where tidal flooding inundated the area around the Tanjung Emas port to the Terboyo terminal because the seawater retaining embankment in the PT Lamicitro bonded area burst.

Regarding the incident that occurred in the Central Java region, the Head of Central Java Regional Police Public Relations, Grand Commissioner Pol M Iqbal Alqudusy explained that currently, the police have deployed personnel and assistance in the disaster area.

"In Pekalongan, the local police, together with Brimob and BPBD, are alerting evacuation sites at the village hall and helping residents who want to be evacuated. Meanwhile, in Demak, members are organizing and diverting traffic flow. The police also continue to patrol to monitor flood-affected areas," said the Head of Public Relations, Monday, May 23, evening.

Meanwhile, in Semarang, police from the Ditpolairud Polda Central Java and Polrestabes Semarang combed around PT Lamicitro because many employees from the company asked to be evacuated.

As a result of the collapse of the embankment, the area around PT Lamicitro was submerged in water up to 1.5 meters while other areas such as Ampenan road and the front of the port terminal were submerged in water for about 80 centimeters.

"Due to this flood, temporarily the employees around the port had to be sent home to avoid further impacts." he continued.

In the sweeping activity at the location, continued the Head of Public Relations, the police not only evacuated hundreds of factory employees but also a pregnant woman who was found in the area.

Currently, the National Police in coordination with the Semarang City Government has prepared refugee camps for residents, including public kitchens and medical facilities.

"Semarang Polrestabes and the Regional Government have prepared everything, including updating information according to BMKG data. As for the broken embankment, once the water recedes, it will be repaired immediately," explained the Head of Public Relations.

Meanwhile, the Director of Polairud Central Java Police, Grand Commissioner Pol Hariadi who went directly to the location, asked residents and employees to remain calm and not panic.

"Keep vigilance because the water flow is still high even though it is gradually receding. If you are going to evacuate goods that are inundated by the tidal flood, you must prioritize personal safety," he said.

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