Health Office: 7 COVID-19 Patients In Kupang City Still Being Treated
Spokesperson for the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara Province Ernest Ludji (Via ANTARA)
KUPANG - The Kupang City Health Office, East Nusa Tenggara Province said seven patients were still undergoing medical treatment because they were confirmed to have COVID-19.
"Until now, there are seven COVID-19 patients in Kupang City who are still receiving medical treatment due to exposure to COVID-19. Ernest Ludji when contacted in Kupang, Antara, Monday, May 23.
According to him, the seven COVID-19 patients are residents of six urban villages, namely Sikumana Village, Oepura Village, Oebufu Village, Naikolan Village, and Manupaten Village, each of which has one resident who has been confirmed positive for COVID-19.
Meanwhile, two positive COVID-19 patients who are still under medical treatment are residents of the Airnona Village.
He explained that seven of the 51 urban villages in Kupang City are still in the COVID-19 yellow zone status. He also said that currently 44 urban villages in Kupang City are included in the COVID-19 green zone area.
"The Kupang City Government is still trying to maintain that all areas that are included in the green zone status remain zero with COVID-19 cases by continuing to encourage residents to obey health protocols," he stressed.

He added that the positive cases of COVID-19 in Kupang City so far have recorded 22,852 cases with a total recovery of 22,475 people and 370 deaths and seven people are still receiving medical care.

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