PPKM Continues To Apply Until COVID-19 Cases Are Controlled
Coordinator of the Expert Team and Government Spokesperson for Handling COVID-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito/special doc

JAKARTA - Coordinator of the Expert Team and Government Spokesperson for Handling COVID-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito conveyed that the policy of implementing restrictions on community activities (PPKM) would remain in effect until the COVID-19 case was under control.

"PPKM is a reflection of Indonesia's preparedness if at any time there is an emergency situation," he said as quoted by Antara, Wednesday, May 18.

In principle, Wiku emphasized that PPKM is not only an activity to limit community mobility, but also to maintain a controlled case condition to remain consistent.

"Because in PPKM there are several levels and the arrangements are varied, ranging from strict restrictions to easing community activities," he explained.

As an instrument for controlling COVID-19, he added, President Joko Widodo has also conveyed that the PPKM policy will continue to be carried out until COVID-19 can be fully controlled.

"This aims to ensure safety for us. The government will provide actual information if there will be changes in policy implementation," he said.

Even though the government is currently aggressively relaxing, Wiku asks the public to continue to adhere to the precautionary principle.

"We ask the public to be able to carry out the mandate, stay alert, alert and adaptive to various changes that will occur in the future," he said.

Wiku said that the COVID-19 pandemic taught a lot of lessons, including to take precautions as early as possible so that losses due to disasters or emergencies can be handled as much as possible.

"Therefore, at the same time we must be prepared to face other health threats," he said.

According to Wiku, to save many lives, a large investment in health and support systems is needed, which includes cultivating clean and healthy behavior in every aspect of life.

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