Police Check Mentality Of Mother Who Persecutes Her Baby With Sharp Weapons In Tebo Jambi
The victim is being treated at the hospital. BETWEEN/HO

JAMBI - Investigators from the Tebo Police, Jambi, immediately checked the mental status of a housewife who was arrested by the police for abusing her 13-month-old biological child with a sharp weapon.

Tebo Police Chief AKBP Fitria Mega said the perpetrator with the initials RWR (20) slashed his biological daughter with the initials H.

To ensure that the case can be continued or not, the RWR who carried out the stabbing will be psychologically examined, Thursday, May 18.

For the time being, this case is still under investigation by the Tebo Police, because when examined by the police, the perpetrator was still in an unstable state.

Meanwhile, victim H, who suffered serious injuries to his back, is still being treated at the Tebo Hospital and his condition is stable.

"The victim suffered a laceration in the middle waist of approximately 10 cm long, into the wound of approximately 5 cm to the spine. Currently, the victim's wound has been stitched with approximately 15 stitches," said AKBP Fitria, quoted by Antara, Wednesday, May 18.

Victim H, who is still being treated at the Tebo General Hospital, suffered serious injuries and required blood type O+, as a result of a sharp weapon slashed by his biological mother.

The incident started at 12.30 WIB, before one of the victims heard the victim crying while being carried by her mother.

Then the witness approached and asked the victim's mother why her child was crying. The suspicious witness saw the perpetrator carrying an ax and knife and carrying the victim and then molesting her until finally the residents rescued her.

After carrying out the action, then the perpetrators of RWR fled into the palm oil plantation owned by the residents. Then the witness came to help the residents to take the victim to the local health center.

Meanwhile, the mother who became the perpetrator was later detained by residents and handed over to the police.

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