When Planting Corn In Kupang, Army Chief Of Staff Dudung Gives Message To TNI AD: Must Be Present And Be A Solution To People's Difficulties
TNI AD Chief of Staff, General TNI Dudung Abdurachman (Via ANTARA)
JAKARTA - The Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) General Dudung Abdurachman reminded all TNI AD soldiers to always be present and be a solution or party to help overcome people's difficulties.
"Army soldiers everywhere must be present in the midst of people's difficulties and must be a solution," said Dudung in a written broadcast from the Indonesian Army Information Service, received in Jakarta, Antara, Wednesday, May 18.
He brought this up when planting corn symbolically with several top TNI AD officials in Oe Ola, Silu Village, Fatuleu District, Kupang Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, today.
The planting of corn is a form of concern from the Indonesian Army in providing assistance, both technically and through the support of facilities and care education to the community for the smooth running of agricultural activities.
Lamuru corn cultivation which is a composite corn is one of the agricultural activities that are expected to be carried out smoothly.
In addition, the corn planting mentoring activity is also expected to have a significant impact on people's welfare. Thus, the love and affection of the people will grow towards the TNI AD.
On the same occasion, Army Chief of Staff Dudung expressed his gratitude to the regional government and related officials for the synergy in the success of the government's program to help improve the welfare of the people and soldiers of the Army.
After the symbolic planting of corn, the activity he attended was followed by mass planting by the community accompanied by members of the Indonesian Army from the local unit. Furthermore, the community will take care of the corn that has been planted until the harvest season arrives.
Head of the Territorial Section for Brigif-21/Komodo, Infantry Captain Donatus, added that there were a number of activities carried out by the local community.
Among other things, they carry out harvesting and prepare for the second stage of planting, namely planting corn which can now be carried out after the TNI's unified water program in the form of a hydraulic ram pump capable of irrigating agricultural land.

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