7 Out Of 8 Sub-districts In Bangka Are Safe From The Spread Of COVID-19, The Task Force Is Optimistic That Zero Cases Will Be Realized
Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force for Bangka Regency, Boy Yandra (ANTARA)
BANGKA - The Task Force for Handling COVID-19 in Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands Province stated that seven of the eight sub-districts in the area were safe from the spread of COVID-19.
"Seven sub-districts were declared safe from the spread of the corona virus after the residents who were previously positive for COVID-19 had all recovered," said Bangka Regency COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson Boy Yandra in Sungailiat as reported by Antara, Wednesday, May 18.
He said the seven sub-districts that were safe from the spread of COVID-19 were Sungailiat, Pemali, Riau Silip, Belinyu, Bakam, Puding Besar and Mendo Barat sub-districts.
"Meanwhile, in Merawang District, there is one resident exposed to the corona virus and is still undergoing intensive health care by the health team," he said.
The total number of COVID-19 cases based on information on the development of corona cases in Bangka Regency reached 12,055 people. A total of 11,655 people have recovered and 399 COVID-19 patients have died.
"Seeing the recovery rate of positive COVID-19 patients, I am optimistic that the Bangka Regency area with eight sub-districts will soon be in a safe zone for the spread of the corona virus," said Boy Yandra.
Regarding the leeway in wearing masks outdoors, he said, his party is still waiting for circulars from the central and provincial governments.
"Although it is permissible not to wear masks outdoors, I suggest that people should wear masks because masks are not only useful for preventing the corona virus but also preventing dust and dirty smoke that can interfere with health," he said.

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