Mayor Of Makassar Launches "Sehatmi" Application
Makassar Mayor Moh Ramdhan Pomanto (second from right) when launching the "Sehatmi" application in Makassar, Wednesday (18/5/2022). ANTARA/HO/Makassar City Government

MAKASSAR - Makassar Mayor Moh Ramdhan Pomanto launched the "Sehatmi" application as part of the USAID-funded Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project.

"For five years this city has collaborated with the Building Healthy Cities (BHC) project funded by USAID, JSI and implemented by IOM here," he said in Makassar as reported by Antara, Wednesday, May 18.

Danny Pomanto—Ramdhan Pomanto's nickname—said that the "Sehatmi" application integrates cross-sector aggregate data that contains around 170 healthy city indicators from different SKPD and 12 health MSS indicator aggregate data.

According to him, his party should be proud because Makassar is the only city in Indonesia where the BHC initiative is being implemented together with other smart cities in India, Vietnam and Nepal.

Danny Pomanto also explained that the project aims to refocus city policies, planning and services with a health equity mindset and improve data-driven decision making.

"That is why the Sehatmi application platform was created because these efforts can be integrated and also trained human resources can improve the quality, access and timeliness of data, thus encouraging an effective planning process," he said.

Danny explained that the Sehatmi application was created because it is open source and can be added to other applications and categories. The application will also be integrated with the latest program, Makassar Metaverse.

"Currently we are developing a metaverse city. I think health can take a step forward with the metaverse," he explained.

Meanwhile, USAID Health Office Deputy Director Darly Martyris, who attended this conference virtually, said that his party did not expect this project to have been running for five years.

He thanked the Makassar City Government for supporting and aligning its vision and mission to build Makassar City into a healthier and smarter city.

"We mapped together programs such as the healthy hallway program to the NTPD 112 program which accommodates all the complaints of the Makassar people," he said.

He also hopes that in the future this collaboration will continue and make Makassar City even better.

"All of us here always hope for the city of Makassar to be better. We will always wait for good news about a healthy city from Makassar City," he said.

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