Cases Of Persecution Of Journalists, Police Summon The Directors Of PD Flobamor
A number of journalists demonstrate peacefully in front of the NTT Police Office in Kupang, NTT, Wednesday (27/4/2022). They demanded that the police fully disclose the case of mistreatment of a local journalist, Fabi Latuan. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Kornelis Kaha

KUPANG - The investigative team from the Kupang City Police sent a summons to the directors and board of commissioners of PD Flobamor for questioning regarding the alleged case of mistreatment of journalists.

"Investigators have sent a summons to PD Flobamor," said Kupang City Police Chief Kombes Rishian Krisna B, quoted by Antara, Wednesday, May 18.

Journalist Fabi Latuan was persecuted by six unidentified men after attending an invitation to a press conference at the office of PD Flobamor, BUMD, NTT Provincial Government. The press conference was marked by a debate between the BUMD leadership and a number of journalists.

After a long debate, Fabi Latuan and his colleagues left the PT Flobamor office on a motorbike. However, about 30 meters away, he was suddenly attacked by a number of people who made him fall along with the vehicle he was riding.

"Before hitting someone shouted my name, possibly to be a sign for the perpetrators to gang up and abuse me at the scene," he said.

The victim suffered injuries to the face and chest and reported the incident to the Kupang City Police.

Krisna stated that the police are currently trying to complete the case file for the Latuan abuse case. Currently, the police have also arrested five of the six suspects in the recent beatings. Four of them were arrested in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, and one in Kupang.

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