Viral Tank Car Transporting Human Stool Dispose Of In Waterways, DKI Jakarta Environment Agency Will Take Strict Action
Unscrupulous septic tank service provider who is suspected of dumping waste in street waterways in Matraman, East Jakarta/ Photo: IST

JAKARTA - A yellow truck that cleans the septic tank is suspected of dumping human excreta waste into a water channel on the side of Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bypass, Matraman District, East Jakarta.

The photo of the car suspected of disposing of fecal waste was uploaded to an Instagram social media account on Tuesday, May 17, yesterday.

Responding to this incident, the Public Relations of the DKI Jakarta Environmental Agency (Dinas LH), Yogo explained, it should be in accordance with existing regulations that cars that provide desludging services must dispose of waste to processing under PD PAL.

"So the desludging service provider should throw it there to be processed, not throw it carelessly. We can catch it," said Yogi when contacted by VOI, Wednesday, May 18.

Yogi said that the processing of excreta disposal is in the Rawa Buaya and Pulogebang areas which are managed by PD PAL.

"It should be disposed of to PD PAL (BUMD owned by the DKI Provincial Government), so there is a (special) treatment. What PD PAL manages is waste treatment in Rawa Buaya and in Pulogebang. So he should not dispose of it carelessly," he said.

The DKI Jakarta Environment Agency will also provide strict sanctions in the form of revocation of business licenses to business owners who violate the Regional Regulation.

"Sanctions are revoked and fined from 500 thousand to more. In Perda 3 you can, in Perda Tibum you can too," he said.

The DKI Jakarta Environment Agency immediately followed up on the citizen's report that was viral on Instagram. In fact, the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency did not hesitate to take firm action.

"It's been so many times, we've caught a lot. We can hold the car," he concluded.

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