Firli Bahuri Reminds Political Parties Ahead Of The 2024 Election: No More Buying And Selling Recommendation Letters
KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri/ PHOTO: Wardhany Tsa Tsia-VOI

JAKARTA - Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri warned that there should be no more parties buying and selling recommendation letters to run as candidates for the general election (election).

This warning was delivered by Firli in front of representatives of political parties participating in the general election during the implementation of the Smart Politics with Integrity program at the KPK's Red and White building, Kuningan Persada, South Jakarta, Wednesday, May 18.

"We don't want corruption in the process of organizing this election. There should be no buying and selling of recommendation letters, whether recommendations for candidates for regional heads, regents, mayors, governors, should not exist," said Firli.

Commitment to be free from corrupt practices, he said, is important for all parties to have. Including political parties that will compete in the once-every five-yearly event.

Firli said the KPK deliberately held a prevention program by involving political parties because their cadres would fill various positions, such as in the legislative body to regional heads.

Not only that, this activity also aims to build a politics that is not only intelligent but also holds integrity.

"Why is there intelligence, there is integrity? It's not enough just to be smart, intelligent people if they don't have integrity can practice corruption," said the former Deputy for Enforcement of the KPK.

"Even his intelligence can be used to circumvent planning, ratification of laws, including their implementation. That's a danger. Therefore, the KPK builds intelligent and integrity political events," added Firli.

Previously, Acting Spokesperson for the KPK for Prevention, Ipi Maryati, said that the Smart Politics with Integrity program was held on the orders of Article 7 paragraph (1) letter d of Law Number 19 of 2019 concerning the KPK. This law instructs the KPK to plan a socialization program to eradicate corruption, particularly in the political sector.

The parties invited to this prevention activity are PDI-P, Gerindra Party, Golkar Party, NasDem Party, National Mandate Party (PAN), Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), National Awakening Party (PKB), and the Democratic Party.

Next, there were also representatives from the Beringin Karya (Berkarya) Party, the Crescent Star Party (PBB), the Indonesian Change Movement Party (Garuda), the People's Conscience Party (Hanura), the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKP Indonesia), the Indonesian Unity Party (PKP) and the Indonesian Unity Party (PKP). Perindo), and the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI).

Finally, the KPK also invited the Aceh Party (PA), the Aceh Regional Party (PD Aceh), the Aceh Nanggroe Party (PNA), and the Aceh People's Independent Voice Party (SIRA).

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