KPK Confirms Investigation Of Alleged Corruption In Formula E Takes Time, No One Can Urge Anyone
Illustration-(Photo: DOK ANTARA)
JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) appreciates the public's attention in efforts to investigate corruption cases, including those related to allegations of organizing the international Formula E racing event in DKI Jakarta.
However, the anti-corruption commission warned that the process of investigating the alleged corruption would take time. Moreover, the investigation is still ongoing.
"So far, the case is still under investigation by the KPK. It takes time to resolve a case," said Acting Spokesperson for the KPK for Enforcement, Ali Fikri, in a written statement quoted on Friday, May 13.
The KPK, continued Ali, will also not work based on anyone's pressure. All cases being investigated must be carried out according to legal mechanisms.
Moreover, the KPK will continue to summon a number of parties who are suspected of knowing the process of organizing Formula E. From the results of the summons, Ali said, then further analysis will be carried out to find the corruption incident.
"The KPK works, of course, not on the basis of anyone's pressure. It cannot be accelerated or slowed down, but we must ensure that everything is carried out according to legal mechanisms," he stressed.
"We are still asking for information from related parties and analyzing it further to try to find the alleged corruption case," Ali added.
It was previously reported that the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) was currently exploring the contract for organizing the international Formula E car racing event. This investigation will also investigate the commitment fee payment mechanism. The KPK indicated that there had been an error in the financing mechanism for this Formula E activity.
Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission Alexander Marwata said that one of them relates to a regulation from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) which states that the APBD budget cannot be used to finance activities for business purposes.
"So it has to be business to business (B2B cannot be financed with the APBD budget, there is already information from the regional government, from the Ministry of Home Affairs when the DKI Provincial Government asks for input," said Alexander.

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