Observers Say About The Strength Of The Prabowo-Puan And Ganjar-Anies Pairs For The 2024 Presidential Election
Prabowo Subianto/DOK personal Instagram

JAKARTA - The survey institute has begun to project the presidential and vice presidential candidates for the 2024 presidential election.

In the survey results of the survey agency Saiful Mujani & Consulting (SMRC) and the Center for Political Communication Studies (CPCS), the Prabowo Subianto-Puan Maharani pair is superior to the other pairs.

Meanwhile, the Ganjar Pranowo-Anies Baswedan pair excelled in the Charta Politica and Political Indicators surveys.

Responding to the opportunity for the 2024 presidential election duet, political communication expert from Paramadina University, Hendri Satrio, assessed that each pair has its own advantages and challenges.

"Actually, Mr. Prabowo has the highest electability because there were previous electability savings, Mbak Puan is not yet popular", said Hendri, Tuesday, May 10.

As for the Ganjar-Anies pair, the man who is familiarly called Hensat said, it is quite heavy even though they can be put together.

"Is it possible for Anies-Ganjar to be united? It could be, but the heavy burden is not on Anies but Ganjar Pranowo", said Hensat.

According to him, as a PDIP politician, Ganjar has the highest electability and is estimated by several political parties to become presidential candidates. However, as a Ganjar cadre, he must follow the party's directions.

As for the PDI-P, it is said that there are two strong names to run as presidential candidates, namely, Puan Maharani and Ganjar Pranowo.

"Whoever the presidential and vice-presidential candidates will be promoted by political parties, the public wants a president who is 'The next Jokowi'", explained Hensat.

The founder of the KedaiKOPI survey agency said that his agency found a shift in the criteria for presidential candidates. Previously, said Hensat, the people wanted a president who was populist and then smart, now he's smart and populist.

"This change is interesting, it means that people have moved to the next presidential candidate, Jokowi. So if Jokowi is a populist, now let's try to find someone who is smart and populist", said Hensat.

With criteria like these, added Hensat, the winning strategy in 2024 will be different. Previously, he said, imaging could be encouraged as an electability amplifier.

"Maybe after the criteria (the presidential candidate) is smart, the winning strategy is exhibition. Showing off the results of work, the results of development, not just showing off the image", he concluded.

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