Nurul Arifin And IIPG Give 250 Eid Gifts To PWI Jaya
Knitting Tali Asih, IIPG Gives 250 Eid Gifts to PWI Jaya/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - Ramadan is a holy and blessed month. Knitting blessings and doing good in the month of Ramadan is certainly highly recommended. That's what the Golkar Party Wives Association (IIPG) did.

In this Ramadan 1443 H IIPG distributed 30,000 parcels or food packages. "This is only for Jakarta," said Nurul Arifin, Deputy Chairperson of the Golkar Party for Communication and Informatics, Wednesday afternoon, April 27 at the PWI Jaya Secretariat, Prasada Sasana Karya Building, Jalan Soeryopranoto, Central Jakarta.

Nurul Arifin and Nita Kristianti Kennedy Azis, who represented IIPG Chair Yanti Airlangga, symbolically handed over 250 parcels or food packages to PWI Jaya, which were accepted by PWI Jaya Chair Sayid Iskandarsyah and IKWI Jaya Chair, Novy Enelbety.

"I hope this is useful for the ladies and gentlemen of PWI Jaya and IKWI Jaya. I hope that all PWI administrators and members here can also feel the joy of Eid this year," said Nita Kristianti Kennedy Azis.

The delivery of these gifts received an enthusiastic response from PWI DKI Jakarta. "Thank you for the extraordinary attention from the Golkar Party," said Sayid Iskandarsyah.

"Hopefully we can synergize even better in the future," said Sayid, who was accompanied by other PWI Jaya daily administrators.

Each package of gifts or basic necessities worth Rp. 150,000 was then distributed directly to the PWI Jaya management, IKWI, and warakawuri. "Greetings from Mrs. Yanti and Mr. Airlangga," said Nurul Arifin.

"This gift giving is part of the IIPG and Golkar Party's concern and care for others. We distribute gifts like this every year, in the month of Ramadan, ahead of Eid al-Fitr," said Nurul Arifin.

"Especially for Jakarta this year, we distributed 30,000 packages. That doesn't include what our friends in the area did," explained Nurul Arifin.

Golkar Party machines in almost all provinces are also moving to spread blessings and goodness to the community

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