Two Units Of Fire Cars Deployed To Harmoni Related To Dispelling Student Demo Masses
Fire trucks were brought to Harmoni to fill the water barrier to ward off crowds/ Photo: Rizky Sulistio/ VOI

JAKARTA - Two fire engines arrived at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, near the State Palace, Central Jakarta, Thursday, April 21, afternoon. The arrival of two fire engines to fill the water inside the barrier to ward off crowds.

"It's filled with water so that it's heavy, it can't be pushed by the demonstrators," said one of the firefighters who did not want to be named at the location, Thursday, April 21, afternoon.

Each one of the barrier fences has been filled with about two cubic meters of water using a hose belonging to a fire engine.

"If this (barrier) is filled only two cubic meters of water per barrier. But if fully filled it can reach three cubic meters of water per barrier. This is very heavy if it is filled with water," he said.

Filling the water on the barrier fence uses two fire engines from the East Jakarta area.

"Two units of fire engines were dispatched from Pulogadung, East Jakarta to fill the water at this location. We are assigned here," he said.

He explained that each fire engine carries 4,000 cubic liters of water.

"It seems that two cars are enough. There were 4 cars but they were divided into two, two cars to fill the water at the Horse Statue," he said.

As is known, thousands of students from various campuses and elements of society have held demonstrations in the Arjuna Wiwaha Horse Statue area, Monas, Central Jakarta.

They raided the State Palace with seven points of demands at the April 21 demonstration. They considered "the Jokowi-MA regime failed to prosper the people".

The 7 demands brought by the students to the government are firm actions against constitutional criminals and reject the discourse of extending the president's term of office. Lower the price of basic necessities and overcome economic inequality.

Take firm action against all repressive actions against civil society with a strict and non-discriminatory mechanism. Realize scientific, free and democratic education.

Students also demand the ratification of the pro-people bill, reject the pro-oligarchy bill, realize true agrarian reform and end all human rights violations.

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