Jokowi's Special Staff For Social Affairs Ayu Kartika Dewi Married A Different Religion At The Jakarta Cathedral
President Jokowi's special staff for social affairs, Ayu Kartika Dewi, married a different religion today, Friday, March 18. (YouTube screenshot)

JAKARTA - Happy news came from the Palace environment. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) special staff for social affairs, Ayu Kartika Dewi married today, Friday 18 March.

Ayu who is Muslim is married to a man who embraces Catholicism named Gerald Sebastian. The second ceremony took place at the Hotel Borobudur Jakarta Islamically, at around 07.30.

Furthermore, the two couples went through the marriage process at the Jakarta Cathedral Church according to Gerald Sebastian's religion. The ceremony and marriage procession were both broadcast live on the Zoom application and Ayu Kartika Dewi's YouTube channel. watched the procession via YouTube broadcast. Ayu is seen wearing an all-white hijab, while Gerald looks neat in a black suit.

Ayu's father, Tri Budi Mulyono, was present as the marriage guardian. He wore a patterned skullcap with a white shirt lined with a black coat. In the midst of them, the head of the village, Prof. Dr. Zainun, was dressed in batik with a black cap.

"Mba Ayu are you ready? Mas Gerard is ready? Do you have the blessing of your parents?" Zainun said starting the contract process.

After the marriage ceremony, both of them took place solemnly. This event was followed by a blessing procession at the cathedral with a mass led by Cardinal Bishop Ignatius Suharyo.

"After carrying out the necessary investigations and being corroborated by the statements of the witnesses, I as a minister of the church have granted your request," the Cardinal Bishop said ahead of the wedding ceremony.

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