Viral 3 Mothers In North Sumatra Steal 2 Sacks Of Rice

MEDAN - Three mothers conspired to steal rice sacks. The location of the incident is in Tandem Hilir Village, Hamparan Perak District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra.

In the video, 3 women get out of a black car. The three then went into a shop that sells rice.

While in the shop, this group of mothers began to act. To trick the merchant, they divide the task by getting him to talk. Another person took action to take 1 sack of rice covered by another person.

To hide the sack of rice stolen, the mother was seen sandwiching it between her thighs. The action was caught on CCTV.

After doing the action, this group of women left the shop.

The sender of the video, who is also a shop employee, Sity Maryam when confirmed said the incident occurred on Sunday, March 6 at noon.

"(Taken) 2 sacks of rice weighing 20 kg," he said, Tuesday, March 8.

Separately, the Head of Public Relations of the Binjai Police, Iptu Junaidi said the incident allegedly occurred in his jurisdiction. Currently the police are still investigating

But until now the victim has not made a report.

"The victim has been directed to make a report but so far it has not arrived," said Iptu Junaidi.

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