Nyoman Nuarta Unloads The Garuda Design Concept At IKN Nusantara: There Is A Forest, So President If You Want A Meeting You Can Under A Tree
Photo via Twitter KSP

JAKARTA - The designer of the palace in the National Capital (IKN) of the Archipelago, Nyoman Nuarta explained the concept of the Presidential Office building at IKN which is shaped like a Garuda bird with outstretched wings on the right and left sides.

"Indonesia has more than 1,000 ethnic groups. This cannot be absorbed in one form of building. Therefore, I chose Garuda," said Nyoman Nuarta during the online discussion "Towards the New National Capital" which was monitored in Jakarta, Wednesday, February 23, reported by Antara.

Nyoman explained that he was in charge of making the basic design consisting of 12 buildings. The concept of the artificial palace building must represent and represent the diversity of Indonesian culture. Therefore, the symbol of the garuda and 12 other buildings is not identical to one culture only.

He also made sure that the State Palace still avoids the greenhouse effect and radiation. According to him, the standard of building comfort with air circulation will certainly be good.

"There is a forest inside the (Garuda) wing. So if the President wants to have a meeting under a tree but it's not raining, then that's the place," he said.

Furthermore, Nyoman said that 70 experts had involved, including architects, road, bridge, green design, interior and landscape experts to meet the requirements of modern buildings.

He revealed that one of the challenges in designing the State Palace at IKN was the extreme contours.

"Even the location of the Garuda Palace is 88 meters above sea level, so it's uphill, so we make a slight rotation. We will adjust the elevation," he concluded.

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