BBTKLPP: Probable Omicron Cases In Special Region of Yogyakarta Increase By 12 People

YOGYAKARTA - The Yogyakarta Center for Environmental Health Engineering and Disease Control (BBTKLPP) recorded the addition of 12 people who were declared probable infected with the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Thus the probable cases of Omicron in Yogyakarta as a whole became 16 people.

"The first yesterday was four (probable Omicron), then the second there were 12 people", said Head of BBTKLPP Yogyakarta, Irene, quoted by Antara on Thursday, January 27.

Irene said the 12 samples of COVID-19 patients from the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) were declared probable Omicron based on the results of the S-gene Target Failure (SGTF) reported on January 26, 2022.

After going through SGTF, all samples of the probable Omicron patients will be tested for Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) to ensure positive Omicron or not.

"If he has been in WGS, he has found the structure of the virus, like how it was only declared (positive) Omicron", she explained.

"We understand that probable is Omicron, it's very likely Omicron, but if we translate the possibility of Omicron, it doesn't quite fit", continued Irene.

Although he confirmed that the 12 people were from Yogyakarta, he was reluctant to mention the district from which the patient samples were tested.

According to Irene, the entire progress of the SGTF test results has been reported to the DIY Health Office and the sample sending laboratory.

Although it is still probable, he said the treatment of the patient owner of the sample was no different from the Omicron positive patient. "For tracing and another handling will be carried out by the Health Office", she said.

Previously, BBTKLPP Yogyakarta recorded the first four probable Omicron cases in DIY based on the results of the SGTF reported on January 24, 2022.

According to Irene, until now BBTKLPP Yogyakarta is still receiving new samples from DIY and parts of Central Java for testing.

"Essentially, if there is an incoming sample, we will run. Today we will still be running again", said Irene.

To prevent the spread of Omicron, the Head of the DIY Health Office, Pembajun Setyaningastutie, has warned DIY residents to increase their vigilance while continuing to tighten the implementation of health protocols.

"Omicron spreads quickly, it's not a matter of severity. Governor (Sultan HB X)'s 'Dawuh' (instruction), districts/cities are asked to start re-activating, monitoring, evaluate self-isolation and centralized isolation", said Pemjun in Kepatihan, Yogyakarta, Tuesday, January 25.

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