In Order To Be Right On Target, The Government Reviews The Distribution Of Subsidized Fertilizers In Aceh
Subsidized Fertilizer Storage Warehouse/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA - The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) reviewed the distribution of subsidized fertilizers and the implementation of the Farmer's Card at a number of kiosks in Aceh Province, Thursday, to ensure they were right on target. said Deputy III KSP Panutan S. Sulendrakusuma in a press release received in Jakarta, Thursday, January 27. In this review, KSP made a visit to the fertilizer stall of UD. Bumi Tani and UD. Bintang Tani in Blang Bintang District, Aceh Besar District. The role model emphasized that the Government continues to encourage the distribution of subsidized fertilizers that are right on target, so that this program can increase farmers' production and welfare.

Meanwhile, the total allocation of subsidized fertilizers in 2022 is 212 thousand tons for 510 thousand farmers registered in the electronic system for the Definitive Plan for Group Needs (e-RDKK). This figure is an increase of 33 percent from the total allocation in 2021. In this field verification, KSP found that some farmers were still complaining about the implementation of the electronic-based Farmer Card program. get subsidized fertilizers," said one farmer from the Blang Sejahtera group, Suhaimi. The local government is also committed to continuing to update the e-RDKK data through agricultural extension workers. towards Islamic financial institutions, as required by the Aceh Provincial Government.

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