East Jakarta Police Affirmed, Elderly Who Was Beaten By Masses In Pulogadung Not Car Thief
Screen capture video of grandfather who is accused of stealing a car/ @lensaberitajakarta

JAKARTA - The East Jakarta Metro Police continues to investigate the death of HM (89), an elderly (elderly) driver of a Toyota Rush, who was killed by a mob on Jalan Pulo Kambing Raya, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, Cakung, East Jakarta, Sunday, January 23, yesterday. .

Head of the East Jakarta Police Criminal Investigation Unit AKBP Ahsanul Muqaffi said the provocateur of the persecution was not the driver whose motorcycle was hit. He said his staff was still hunting for the provocateur.

"Because (the victim's car) hit a motorbike. According to the witness' testimony, it hit him in the Pulogadung area, then someone shouted at the thief. Please pray for the perpetrator to be revealed quickly," he told reporters, Monday, January 24.

As is known, HM was beaten to death by a mob on Jalan Pulo Kambing Raya, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, Sunday at around 02.00 WIB.

The driver of the car was shouted at by the thief and chased by the mob until he was beaten to death. Even though the driver of the car was not a thief because he was driving his car.

"The car driver entered the Cakung area and stopped at the Pulogadung Industrial Estate," he said

Cakung Police Chief Kompol Satria Darma when contacted by reporters. The case is currently being handled by the East Jakarta Police.

Meanwhile, Muqaffi confirmed that the driver of the car was not a thief.

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