Starting Monday, January 24, Depok City Applies 100 Percent PTMT
Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris/Photo: Antara

DEPOK - The City Government (Pemkot) of Depok, West Java, has ensured that all levels of education in the City of Depok will start implementing 100 percent Limited Face-to-face Learning (PTMT) on Monday, January 24. , SMA, Kindergarten, and even PAUD have run 100 percent PTM," said the Mayor of Depok, Mohammad Idris, in Depok, Sunday, January 23.

This is as stipulated in the Joint Decree (SKB) of 4 Ministers dated December 21, 2021 Number 05/KB/2021, Number 1347 of 2021, Number HK.01.08/MENKES/6678/2021 and Number 443-5847 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for Implementation of Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic, he explained that as long as the 100 percent PTMT took place, the canteen at the school was temporarily closed. In addition, both students and educators and education staff are prohibited from leaving the school environment during recess. he said.Mohammad Idris said that the lessons for PTMT were 100 percent for elementary and junior high schools, namely six hours of lessons. In detail, SD 35 minutes per lesson and SMP 45 minutes per lesson. "Break time is 15 minutes and we don't allow children to go out of school during breaks. Stay inside, so we recommend bringing food from home or he's ready for breakfast. enough to finish studying," he said.

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