In Makassar, Anies Baswedan Talks About The 2024 Presidential Candidate: If The Time Has Not Yet Come, Don't Ring The Azan
DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan/PHOTO VIA ANTARA

MAKASSAR - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said it was not yet time to declare himself a presidential candidate. Anies is currently still focusing on managing the capital city of Jakarta for the remainder of his term which will end in October 2022.

"Well, I'll answer. If the time is not right, don't make the call to prayer," said Anies, in an analogy to answering questions about the presidential candidate during the South Sulawesi Mileanis Community Nationality Talkshow at RM Losari and Food Makassar, South Sulawesi, quoted by Antara, Friday, January 21 night.

Anies again likens it, if the call to prayer is heard earlier and has not yet arrived, people will question what is going on.

"That means, pay attention, if you hear the call to prayer at 10 am, what do we do, everyone will say what this is? That's right. This is not yet the time for the call to prayer, so don't call to prayer first, that's about it," he said.

Anies emphasized that he was still seeing developments, it was likened to before the call to prayer was sounded, it was better to carry out tahrim (guidance for prayer requirements) first.

"So if you can't call to prayer, what can you do? At dawn, there is tahrim here. If tahrim is allowed, people take ablution, come to the mosque that there will be a call to prayer. But before entering, don't call to prayer first, all muezzins know that principle," Anies said, likening it back.

However, the support from the Mileanist community who encouraged and supported Anies Baswedan to advance as the number one person in Indonesia in the 2024 Presidential Election, was still given appreciation to be accommodated.

"God willing, whatever we do, we can carry out the mandate, but any mandate is carried out as well as possible. The point is, we work together, thank God we gather together tonight," said the former Chancellor of Paramadina University.

After the talk show, when asked by reporters regarding the presidential candidate, Anies again said that currently he is still focusing on his duties as the Governor of DKI Jakarta, including completing a number of work programs.

"I am currently still on duty in Jakarta and will continue to focus on completing all the programs that are part of the work plan to be completed in Jakarta," he said.

"Because my assignment period is until October (in 2022). So until October I will continue to focus on Jakarta," Anies added emphasizing the media crew.

The chairman of the Mileanis National Network Muhammad Ramli Rahim on that occasion appreciated the arrival of Anies Baswedan even though he was on the sidelines of attending and witnessing the wedding of Nurdin Halid's son.

"We appreciate the presence of Mr. Anies, we have been waiting for his arrival to Makassar for a long time, although this activity is sudden, it is still attended to provide input to the volunteer team," said Ramli.

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