One Soldier Dies During Gunfight, Military Commander Affirms Not To Resign From Maybrat Terrorist Separatist Group

SORONG - Commander of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari Major General TNI I Nyoman Cantiasa emphasized that the threat to a real attack by a West Papuan terrorist separatist group in the Maybrat area did not dampen the spirit of the TNI's struggle to defend the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia in West Papua.

"We will never take a step back with this attack, we will continue to fight to defend the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia," said Pangdam XVIII/Kasuari, quoted by Antara, Friday, January 21.

Kapendam Colonel Arm Hendra Pesireron in his press release stated that the Commander and the extended family of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari mourned the death of Second Sergeant Miskel Rumbiak in the attack by the Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group in the Maybrat area.

The Military Commander also said that he strongly condemned the perpetrators of the attack on five TNI soldiers while carrying out community service duties.

The Indonesian Army lost one native Papuan son from Raja Ampat, the Rumbiak Saereri clan, the best son of the nation's Second Sergeant Miskel Rumbiak who served his land and people.

"But being treated inhumanely by a condemned terrorist separatist group in Maybrat West Papua," said Kapendam

According to him, the Kasuari Military Commander said that Second Sergeant Miskel Rumbiak, along with four members of the injured victim, were attacked while carrying out a territorial development task for the benefit of the local community in East Aifat District.

"Yonzipur 20/PPA soldiers are building a pedestrian bridge, the only access link between Fan Khario village and Kamat village in East Aifat District, Maybrat Regency, but they were then attacked by KST Papua," said Kapendam.

Kapendam stated that it was strongly suspected that the group that attacked the five soldiers from Yonzipur 20/PPA came from the same group, namely the West Papua National Committee (KNPB).

"We strongly suspect that they are the KNPB Maybrat group which has DPO status after the attack on the preparatory Koramil post in Kisor village last September 2021," said Kapendam.

Kapendam explained that the soldiers of the 20th Combat Engineer Battalion/Pawbili Pelle Alang or abbreviated as Yonzipur 20/PPA were the organic Engineer Battalion of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari.

"The name of this unit is taken from the local language, namely Pawbili: Build, Pelle: Fight, Alang: Warrior, which is interpreted as Soldiers who are ready to fight and build," said Kapendam.

After the attack, Kasdam XVIII/Kasuari, Brigadier General Djoko Andoko immediately rushed to represent the Military Commander to Sorong. In his review, Kasdam was accompanied by Danrem 181/PVT, Asintel, Asops, Kazidam and Dandim 1802/Sorong to see firsthand the condition of the soldiers who were victims of attacks from KST Papua who are currently being treated at the Sorong Navy Hospital.

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