Harvest 30 Kilograms Of Hydroponic Vegetables On The Roof Of The RSCM Mosque

JAKARTA - The Central Jakarta Food, Maritime, and Agriculture Security Agency (KPKP) harvested 30 kilograms of hydroponic vegetables planted on the roof of the Asy Syifa Mosque, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Salemba.

Head of the Central Jakarta KPKP Sub-department (Kasudin) Penty Yunesi explained that the activity was part of a series of "Planting Friday" programs and harvests were routinely carried out every week.

"The harvest at the Asy Syifa Mosque RSCM consists of 25 kilograms of pakcoy and 5 kilograms (kg) of kale," said Penty, quoted by Antara, Friday, January 21.

The harvested produce is then packaged and sold to employees and health workers in the RSCM environment and some are distributed to mosque congregations.

Hydroponic cultivation on the roof of the Asy Syifa Mosque is still focused on pakcoy and kale. The KPKP Sub-Department noted that 1,200 hydroponic planting holes have been prepared and will continue to be added.

According to Penty, the cultivation of plants on the roofs of buildings and offices is one of the focuses of the KPKP Sub-Department this year.

Hydroponics is a cultivation technique that is considered profitable because it does not require a large area of land. In addition, yields from hydroponic plants are healthier because they do not use pesticides.

The KPKP Sub-Department will continue to provide assistance and guidance for quality and marketing.

"In order to produce plants that meet market needs, are of high quality so that they are in demand and meet food safety standards," he said.

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