Bintan Regency Government Prepares IDR 5.1 Billion BLT Budget For Elderly, June And December 2022 Receive IDR 600 Thousand
Plt Regent of Bintan Roby Kurniawan (ANTARA DOK)
BINTAN - The government of Bintan Regency has again prepared Rp5.1 billion of budget for direct cash assistance (BLT) for 4,289 elderly people. The number of recipients this year will increase compared to 2021 as many as 4,034 elderly.
The head of the Bintan Social Service, Edi Yusri, said that the distribution of the aid was planned to be delivered twice, namely in June and December 2022.
"This means that each elderly will receive Rp600 thousand per distribution, with a target of two distributions in June and December 2022, bringing the total to Rp1.2 million per elderly per year," said Edi Yusri in Bintan, Antara, Friday, January 21.
The Social Service will carry out several evaluation steps related to the distribution of BLT for the elderly in 2022, including strengthening coordination with RT/RW in terms of sweeping the elderly, evaluating elderly companions, as well as documentation and witnesses who witnessed the elderly directly when signing receipts.
This effort, he continued, is to minimize duplicate data from the elderly who have been recorded in central government assistance programs such as PKH and others. "The point is that the assistance provided must be right on target," he said.
Meanwhile, the Acting Regent of Bintan Roby Kurniawan asked the Social Service, Disdukcapil, and Diskominfo of Bintan to be able to establish a database for the distribution of BLT to the elderly in 2022.
He also asked that in the implementation of the distribution of BLT for the elderly, there was a need for uniformity of perception as outlined in the form of rules in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
"So this requires optimization and coordination of all related elements, so that this program can run optimally. And it is important to have a common perception and formulation before distributing BLT for the elderly in 2022," said Robi.

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