An Old Case Of Novia Widyasari Who Committed Suicide At Her Father's Grave, Advocacy Team Discloses WhatsApp Evidence To Kompolnas
The rapist of Novia Widyasari, Randy Bagus (Source: Twitter)

JAKARTA - The Justice Advocacy Team for Novia Widyasari, together with Fauzun, Novia Widyasar's mother, and a number of friends, held an audience with the National Police Commission (Kompolnas).

Novia is a woman who died at her father's grave in Sugian Hamlet, Japan Village, Mojokerto. She is suspected of having depression due to being asked to abort her pregnancy by her boyfriend, Second Brigadier Randy Bagus Sasongko.

In a virtual hearing, the Advocacy Team presented several findings in the form of testimonies and evidence of WhatsApp screenshots. The evidence shows that the abortion carried out by Novia Widyasari was not of her own volition. But at the urging and persuasion of Second Brigadier Randy and his family.

"Based on these findings, the Advocacy Team is pushing for a change in the alleged article, which was originally 348 of the Criminal Code, namely abortion with consent, changed to 347 of the Criminal Code, namely abortion without consent," said Head of the Advocacy Team Yenny Eta Widyawati in an official statement to VOI, Wednesday, January 19.

Then, the team also straightened out the circulating issues regarding the disease suffered by the victim and triggered the suicide. The investigation conducted by the Advocacy Team did not find any evidence that Novia was suffering from Bipolar disease.

"It is true that Novia has done psychological examinations and counseling, but there is no result of the examination showing that Novia is suffering from Bipolar," said Enny.

Another finding from the team of 22 lawyers and legal consultants was the fact that Novia had reported Second Brigadier Randy to the Propam of Pasuruan Police, but a number of Propam members asked to meet with Novia at the Mie Setan restaurant, Prigen.

With the above findings, both Novia's family and the Advocacy Team asked for an in-depth investigation by the Police to explore the possibility of ensnaring other parties who should be responsible.

This includes the possible responsibility of the parents of Second Brigadier Randy for the forced abortion of Novia Widyasari that led to her death.

In addition, they see the need for tracking important information from Novia's cellphone, which is currently in the hands of investigators.

"Until now, the Advocacy Team considers that this has not been done (the investigators), as evidenced by the absence of an examination of Novia's friends who communicate a lot with Novia and receive screenshots via Whatsapp chat," Yenny said.

Regarding the Disrespectful Dismissal (PTDH) status of Second Brigadier Randy Bagus Hari Sasongko, the East Java Police were asked to provide definite clarity, because the statement by Polri officials had dismissed Second Brigadier Randy from the Police service, but in fact the investigation process for alleged violations of the Police code of ethics is still ongoing.

"This means that Randy is still an active member of the National Police and has not been dismissed," said one member of the Advocacy Team.

With today's hearing, Kompolnas promised to immediately send a letter to the East Java Regional Police in order to complete the case, both the criminal case, and the violation of the police professional code of ethics committed by Randy Bagus Hari Sasongko.

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