Tangerang City Health Office Admits There Are 177 COVID-19 Cases In Tangerang City
Head of the Tangerang City Health Office (Kadinkes), dr Dini Anggraeni/Photo: SPC

TANGERANG - The Head of the Tangerang City Health Office (Kadinkes), Dr. Dini Anggraeni, admitted that the number of COVID-19 cases in her area had increased. Dr. Dini explained, since Monday, January 17, there have been 25 additional cases exposed to the Coronavirus, bringing the total to 177 patients.

"Yesterday, there were 177 new cases, which were treated or active," said Dini to reporters at the Tangerang City Government Center Building, Tuesday, January 18.

She also explained that none of the 177 patients exposed to COVID-19 were hospitalized. But self-isolation.

However, her party has prepared a health facility room to anticipate the increase in COVID-19 cases in Tangerang City.

"Hopefully no one is hospitalized. So 177 there is self-isolation as well, hopefully, it doesn't get rich last year. If the case goes up, I hope it doesn't exceed the existing health facilities in Tangerang City. We have prepared everything, hospitals and all kinds of things," she continued.

On that occasion, Dini explained that until now there have been no cases of COVID-19 the Omicron variant in Tangerang City. She added that her party had prepared all health facilities in the event of a third wave of attacks, such as the number of beds in hospitals, concentrated isolation houses (RIT), and several health centers in each sub-district.

“Once Omicron has entered the city, we will wait for publications from Banten Province. Later," she said.

In addition, in anticipation of Omicron, her party is intensifying the third dose or booster vaccination.

"Yesterday and today we carried out booster vaccinations for public servants. Yesterday the point was at the Transportation Agency and the Environment Agency, today in the Tangerang City government center, the target is 4 thousand ASN," she said.


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