Actions Of 34,000 Traffic Violators In 15 Days, Central Java Police Become A Pilot In ETLE Implementation
Photos: Doc. Central Java Police

SEMARANG – Successfully cracking down on 34 thousand traffic violators in fifteen days, the application of Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) has become a hot topic of discussion. Why not, the achievements achieved by the Central Java Police are the highest in Indonesia, even surpassing the Metro Jaya Police.

Director of Traffic of the Central Java Police, Kombes Pol Agus Suryonugroho said that this maximum result was achieved thanks to the creative breakthroughs created by his staff so that ETLE runs optimally and effectively.

He explained that ETLE is one of the explanations of the Presisi Police Chief's priority program launched by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo at the inauguration of ETLE at NTMC Jakarta, last March 2021.

Traffic Violators in Central Java/ Photo: Doc. Central Java Police

The National Police Chief conveyed that the presence of a national electronic ticket was intended to improve public safety and security programs on roads as well as transparent law enforcement efforts. ETLE can prevent abuse of authority as well as the use of information technology in dealing with traffic violations.

"In the application of ETLE, every officer takes action using technological means, so they do not come into direct contact with violators. This is effective in avoiding extortion in the field and being accountable," said Traffic Director of the Central Java Police, Kombes Pol Agus Suryonugroho, through a statement received by VOI, Monday 17 January.

The use of ETLE has also been installed in all Polres of the Central Java Regional Police, so all movement of vehicle flows will be monitored through the monitoring screen at Ditlantas.

"Regarding the implementation of ETLE itself, the key to success in law enforcement is the Integrated system, namely ETLE in the form of screenshot data integrated with the national precision ETLE database. It is also integrated with delivery services and verification and approval of violators will be accompanied by an account from Briva to make payments," said Kombes Agus, who is also the initiator of the Go Sigap application.

The public does not need to come to the police station, they can pay directly through Briva.

According to the Dirlantas, the maximum number of prosecutions through ETLE in Central Java has attracted the attention of several other Regional Police in Indonesia.

Traffic Violators in Central Java/ Photo: Doc. Central Java Police

"There has been coordination, several Polda will study the implementation of ETLE which is being carried out in Central Java through comparative studies

It is hoped that ETLE nationally can run optimally according to the expectations and the National Police's Priority Program," added the Traffic Director.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Central Java Regional Police Humas, Kombes Pol M Iqbal Alqudusy asked the public to be orderly traffic. Not only to avoid violations, but also for road safety.

The use of ETLE, he said, is an innovation in increasing the professionalism of the Police in dealing with traffic problems on the road.

The payment of the fine is also made practical so that it does not interfere with the comfort of the community.

"There is already a payment mechanism. The Central Java Police Ditlantas has also launched the Go Sigap application," he concluded.

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