Comic Fico Fachriza Undergoes Rehabilitation? Police: Conducting The Case First…
Comic from Depok, Fico Fachriza, when presented at a press conference. (photo: doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - The Directorate of Drug Investigation of the Metro Jaya Police will conduct a case of a synthetic tobacco narcotic abuse case involving comic Fico Fachriza. Hold a case to determine the rehabilitation process.

"We are waiting for the case to be heard first (about rehabilitation, ed)," said Director of the Narcotics Investigation of the Metro Jaya Police Grand Commissioner Mukti Juharsa to reporters, Saturday, January 15.

In the case title, the investigative team will consider various matters concerning rehabilitation. Where, later the results of the case title will be included as additional documents to the court.

"Whether he can be rehabilitated or not, we will submit it to the court. We have to check the title of the case and the considerations before rehab," said Mukti.

Regarding whether or not there was a request for rehabilitation from the Fico family, Mukti did not elaborate. He only emphasized that it was the right of the suspect.

"Families are welcome to apply for rehabilitation. It's the right of the family if they ask for rehabilitation, go ahead but we will wait for the results of the case," said Mukti.

So far, continued Mukti, comics are still in the user category. Even though he has been consuming synthetic tobacco since 2016.

"Still users, yes, still users," he said.

Fico has been named a suspect. Investigators confiscated evidence of 1.45 grams of synthetic tobacco narcotics.

Fico Fachriza is suspected of having multiple articles. Article 112 paragraph 1 subsidiary Article 127 paragraph 1 letter a of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 35 of 2009 concerning narcotics is threatened with imprisonment for a minimum of 4 years and or a maximum of 12 years in prison.

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