Archaeologists: Tram Rail In The Oldest Dutch Heritage MRT Project In Indonesia
DOK MRT Jakarta

JAKARTA - Head of the National Cultural Heritage Expert Team, Junus Satrio Atmodjo, revealed that the Dutch tram tracks found in the Phase 2A MRT construction project are the oldest tram tracks in Indonesia.

The archaeologist who is a consultant in the Phase 2A MRT project said that the first railroad in the Indonesian railway system was built in 1869, which connected the city of Semarang with the Responsibility Station.

"Two years after that, a tramway was built in Jakarta. So what we are facing now is the oldest tramway in Indonesia," Junus said during a virtual discussion in Jakarta, quoted by Antara, Monday, December 27.

Junus explained that although the electric trams in Jakarta were no longer used, the tram tracks were never removed and removed, but instead were buried under the road.

The Dutch colonial era tram track was found in the Glodok-Kota MRT Jakarta Phase 2A project, precisely under the TransJakarta line or on Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan.

Junus admitted that he had predicted that tram tracks would be found in the project for the construction of the Glodok-Kota MRT station and subway line.

This tram rail has actually been found before near the Fatahillah Museum. "So we can predict that we will also find the same tram tracks at the station construction site," he said.

Junus added that since the excavation was carried out in October, some of the tram tracks have surfaced.

The object of cultural heritage was found during excavations at a depth of 15-110 centimeters (cm) from the road surface.

The entire condition of the tram tracks is also considered to be still in good condition to be moved, stored and conserved.

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